Hello World!

Blogging and I have been fighting for years. It was always something I thought I ought to do–aspiring writers ought to have a writing habit, right? If I’m studying abroad, I should be posting about my crazy European adventures, right? Everyone who’s anyone working in tech-related fields needs to have a place to muse on his or her professional life, right?

But I always resisted. Who would read it was always one consideration (answer: my mother). But more importantly, I wondered what I would say that could be worth saying. The personal stories I would have to tell would be things those close to me, who actually care, would already know. And the general-interest topics I would be most likely to discuss, like travel, pop culture, and  teevee are already done countless times by umpteen others.

But yesterday, as I was writing a travelogue blog post for my place of work, I realized: there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be doing this regularly. I do have plenty to say, and it’s kind of fun to say it even if no one is listening. For years I’ve been a silent lurker on blogs of people I know. Maybe it’s finally time to have others stalking me.

We shall see where this blog goes, but hopefully it’ll be somewhat interesting to at least a few people (or maybe just my mother). I think

Actually, I did have one other blog once upon a time: a Xanga, during high school and a little beyond, when all my theater friends had them and they were all the rage. Let’s reflect on this, for laughs, shall we, and then contemplate how far I have (hopefully) come.

Ugh, looking at some of those old posts just now is kinda nauseating.

Anyway, yay WordPress! Here goes nothing.


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