Celebs…they’re (uninteresting) just like us!

Upon realizing that real famous people could join and post on public Twitter pages, just like us, I was excited. A window into their souls, or learning up close how the other half lives?

Conclusion, however, is different: they’re just as boring as the rest of us (on Twitter), if not more. Sometimes there’s a flash of something interesting, like that Vanessa Hudgens thinks Anne Hathaway is so pretty (what I learned: Baby V is just as annoying in real life as I’ve imagined her to be) or the like. But more often it’s an endless stream of @replies that are either too PRish, too banal (no, Brody, I don’t care that you support the Lakers), or non-applicable (no, Frankie, I don’t care that you are going out to celebrate your birthday at dan tana’s, whatever that is). Anymore than I don’t really care about those kinds of things when people I know in real life post them. Maybe this is a window into their souls, but their souls are not actually interesting. Which is too bad.

Maybe the issue is over-saturation. With my absolute favorite celebrities—say, Mary-Kate and Ashley—I would probably be content to follow them in as many ways possible, including Twitter. But with people who already interest me only nominally, between news and blog coverage I get enough of them—another constant stream of content via Twitter, where it’s hard to separate the occasionally interesting gem from the trash, only makes me less interested.

Solution? Maybe an aggregator that showed me only the “best of” posts of certain celebs, or the like. I don’t know how that would work (doing soemthing like measuring it by the number of re-tweets or @replies wouldn’t quite work, since sometimes it’s also the most boring PR-type stuff that gets the most play). Someone with know-how, go work on this!

Anyway, I’m still not convinced that Twitter is the Way of the Future, or wholly on the bandwagon, despite my particpation. I’ve never used Twitter to search for realtime information, and I only post myself a few times a week. We’ll see.


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