Things I Want, 1

I have a feeling this could be a recurring segment: a list of the unrelated Things I Covet Right Now.

1. An iPhone. Rumored iPhone features

I’ve fought it for a long time. I really value the size of my phone (smaller, for my small purses) in comparison to the iphone, and I’ve felt like I don’t need the fancy features, and I’ve never had any qualms or problems with my existing phone. But a recent brush with it breaking (not being able to text properly, resulting it in finally getting fixed by having the sim card replaced) got me thinking more about acutally taking the iphone plunge. Coupled with that is the fact that my father just got one (of all people), and that, of course, there is a new version coming out that’ll be announced on Monday. Finally I will say that I whole-heartedly want. Probably this will have to wait till August, when our current contracts will be up for renewal/upgrade, and assuming the new one is out by then. Mmm.

2. A new macApple MacBook

I’ve had my iBook for something like three years (is that all? feels like longer) and it has served me well. But there is, of course, something shinier. Something with enough space to actually hold my documents AND my photos AND my music, without having to shuffle the latter off to external harddrive purgatory. It doesn’t need to be top-of-the-line, of course. Probably just the MacBook (say, the second cheapest one)

3. The Sims 3The Sims 3

This is another thing that I cannot have until I have #2 (#1 also seems like it needs #2 to really be able to function as beautifully as posible). I tried to fight it for, like, an hour. But I want this game. I have spent countless hours and probably hundereds of dollars of my youth on The Sims, The Sims 2, and expansion packs for each. I played voraciously through middle school, slightly less in high school, occasionally while home from college, and gradually not at all, thanks to getting bored with having done it all, and frustration over things like endless load times that no longer were worth it. But all these things are fixed(ish)! Yesterday I happened to pass a software store and went inside just to flip through the guide book and to hold the game box. I think I’m going to be sucked back in—if less than as an adolescent, I hope, since now I actually have more of a real-life to live, in addition….


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