And the Living is Easy

Summertime! I haven’t had a summer like this since, well, 2003. Let’s back up….

I’ve gracefully left (my choice, not theirs!) my marketing job and am spending the summer working with a program for gifted high schoolers on the Stanford campus. I’m basically supervising the team of RAs/TAs, who work directly with the students, and it’s super fun. I do love delegating…. But most notably, the staff I’m working with are really great, and it’s been one of those “we’ve only known each other a few days, but we’ve spent somuch time together that we’re already BFFs” kind of dynamics. But also, I haven’t spent this much time outside/doing traditionally summery things since, like ever. Or more specifically, since I went to summer camp, last being the three week program I did at Stanford the summer before my senior year of high school, which was quite similar to this program for which I’m working. Also, in Redlands, spending a lot of time outside in the summer is just something you don’t do—the heat is too unbearable. But here the weather is pretty much perfect (although we hit a heat wave yesterday), and all kinds of perfect activitities like beach-going, football throwing, badmitton, fountain hopping, etc. are fair game.

And yes, I have indeed played football recently. Think about that. I’ve also never had more sun/color than I do right now.

* * *

Already June is ending, which is scary to contemplate. It looks likely that I will be, starting this fall, doing a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language at American U in DC, followed by, you know, teaching English as a second language abroad after that, perhaps with the Peace Corps. Crazy. I’m taking a big leap, but I need the change and need to take a risk. What better time to do it (and what other time?) than when I’m young and fabulous and unattached and free. Big fun.

* * *

Thanks to changes afoot at my former place of work, I have a body of unpublished travel blogs, including a 10-part series about my Mediteranean cruise in January (*so* long ago). I’m going to put them up on this blog, therefore, one at a time, starting now. Enjoy.


One thought on “And the Living is Easy

  1. James had a very clever response to this post that he won’t let me post here, but remind me to tell you about it sometime.


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