Oh the Jonii

The Jonas Brothers in uniformI’m so fortunate to have not one but two friends independently interested in the JONAS TV show. Some relevant conversation excerpts from this evening follow.

In unrelated news, tomorrow I move to Washington! I am excited, clearly. Funny that it looks that something like 5 of my top 18 or so friends will all be there.

* * *

8:45 PM me: i watched 2 episodes of JONAS today
Mary: haha, yeah? what did you think?
8:46 PM me: it’s growing on me, a little
specifically, i think joe is growing on me
Mary: yeah, I mean, it’s not AWESOME
but it’s ok
me: there was an eyebrow joke in one of the ones i saw
8:47 PM i appreciated most
all the weird, tagged on collars and cuffs of plaid
those’re the weirdest pseudo uniforms ever
8:52 PM me: so i guess it’s any combination of (1) plaid, (2) burgundy, (3) navy, (4) embroidered school logo…..
Mary: yeah, only with more flexibility for JONAS, of course, than anyone else
especially the girls
who wear exactly the same thing all the time, with the occasional cardigan
8:53 PM me: no, we wouldn’t want the jonii to have to stifle their rock-star sensibilities at all
Mary: well, duh
they are a Big Deal
me: BFD
Mary: have you seen any of the episodes with their raving fans who tear their clothes off?
me: i think in the first one? with the velcro sleeves and whatnot?
Mary: yeah
it happens a lot
me: mmmmm
Mary: they come back inside in tattered clothes
8:54 PM and there are girly screams […]Mary: I will keep you up to date as it goes though
if anyone threatens that purity ring, you’ll be the first to know
me: thank you, i need that
8:57 PM wait, the school is called horace mantis, witha logo of a praying mantis?
how did i miss that
Mary: yup
there’s an episode where all of them join the cheer squad, cause you get to touch cute girls.
8:59 PM me: wow […]also, i could live the rest of my life w/o ever having to lay eyes on frankie again and be content
Mary: dude, seriously
what happened with genetics there?
9:09 PM why are his brothers so cute and he is so…weird looking
they must really improve with age

* * *

Claire: I just really love the show, they pull off a nice juxtaposition of the monkees slash flight of the conchordsme: i’m warming a lot more to joei guess he’s the “actor” of the group, mostbut whateverClaire: he is the personality, yesI mean, really, this show makes me just love kevin so much more9:00 PMeven with his stupid otters playing saxophones comments or whateverand dislike nickbecause his “character” is lame9:01 PM me: yeah, serious one so boringClaire: serious and always lovestruck


3 thoughts on “Oh the Jonii

  1. Oh man, I watched all of that show so fast. It has been one of the delights of my continued unemployment. The one thing I really can’t figure out: What is Stella’s deal? Why does she basically live with them? Where are her parents? Is she an orphan? And if so, why have we not explored her tragic history?

  2. I just looked at the wikipedia page. Wait, their last name on the show is Lucas? Anyway, the only hint we get about Stella’s background is that they’ve been besties since they were children. So maybe she’s just a close neighbor, with uninvolved parents? Maybe?

  3. Maybe? Yeah, for some reason the BAND on the show is JONAS, and they are the Lucas brothers. Cause that makes sense. Or something.

    I am still bothered by her ambiguous background, although grateful that they didn’t introduce yet another extremely mediocre adult character in order to give her a mother/father/guardian of some sort.

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