#9: Making you feel bad for not going outside

Today in Washington, in November, it was 70 degrees and sunny. I spent the day sitting in my room in my pajamas.

Thought process: I could go for a walk for an hour and call it my exercise for the day. Outside. Or! I could go on the elliptical for an hour while watching Brothers and Sisters later tonight!

I feel bad about this. I have been hard-wired to feel bad about this, Stuff White People Like tells me:

As mentioned earlier, white people love to be outside.  But not everyone knows that another thing they like to do is make people feel bad for wanting to watch sports on TV or play videogames.  While it would be easy to get angry at white people for this, remember it is hard wired in their head that the greatest thing a person can do in their free time is to hike/walk/bike outdoors.

But you know what? I’ve seen what 70 degrees looks like. It’s nice. But staying inside all day relaxing, doing homework, and watching Cruel Intentions is nice too. I’ll see you next week, 70 degrees, when I’m in SoCal for Thanksgiving.


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