I’m off!

Huh, so looks like I’m off! You know, for China. Peace Corps, and all that.

It’s been soooo long in the coming it still hasn’t tooootally kicked in. I’m everything you’d expect I’d be–some mixture of excited/nervous, but definitely glad and committed to doing this.

I’m a few pounds over my 80-lb checked-baggage limit but you know, whatever. I’m basically bringing enough toiletries and hygiene products to furnish a small army. I keep being told “you can buy things there” but anyone who knows my love of expensive Sephora products can understand how that kind of faith is unacceptable to me.

I don’t realllllly have much else to say. We’ll see what happens.

I intend to post more anecdotal/feeeeeelings kind of stuff on this blog and more overview/summary updates via group email to family and friends (if you are not in that latter group already and want to be, let me know). Keep in touch, gentle readers.


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