Horse Flower-bud

My Chinese name—which I am supposedly meant to use at all times with Chinese people—is Ma Lei (third tone, rising falling, on both syllables). Ma is apparently the family name of the host family I’ll be staying with, whom I’ll meet on Monday. I looked it up in my Chinese dictionary: it means “horse.” I have been told that Lei is something about a flower bud, but I cannot confirm this.

Horse Flower-bud. Maybe HFB for short.

In related news, Chinese is hard.

In unrelated news, I have new friends who can also quote Newsies. This pleases me.


3 thoughts on “Horse Flower-bud

  1. Love the new name and I am enjoying reading the updates. I just added Skype to my computer so I can talk to you abroad. I am not the most technically minded, but you can help me out.

    Love you,

  2. Love the fact new friends can quote “Newsies”! I miss you today, but THANK YOU for the wonderful blog posts! I just read them out loud to J, MJ, and Scott.

    Stay fabulous!!!!

  3. “Ma” is also a very common Hui Chinese family name. Xiao Ma or Lao Ma (depending on who’s talking), PCV in the Hui neighborhood of Lanzhou.
    Welcome to China!!!

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