Make living a more fascinating than a day

Title comes compliment of the inscription on my water bottle. Thanks.

This post shall not have a fully-developed theme, but here are a few thoughts.

I continue to enjoy the food, generally speaking. The biggest problems: no cold food, ever–if we ever want to make ourselves a salad, say, we have to soak all raw veggies in a bleach solution for 15 minutes then scrub our hands over each lettuce leaf. Then, enjoy! Chinese seldom eat raw vegetables, and fruit is typically peeled (including things like apples, peaches, etc.) So breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all likely to be hot and include high amounts of meat and/or carbs. Today, eg, I had meat-filled dumplings called baozi for breakfast, with eggs fried in oil, spicy meat dumplings for lunch, and dinner will likely include the usual mix of white rice with several meat and/or vegetable dishes. This will be followed up with watermelon or other peeled fruit. Dinner at my host’s is great–always several dishes, and I always like some more than others but it’s never bad. Today I bought a bag of oatmeal which I plan to suggest as a future breakfast they can make me (and yes, they will always make for me). We’ll see how that goes.

I got moved from a slower to a faster language class, so this week has been frustrating trying to catch up with people who have already learned more than me and a class that moves faster in general on a daily basis. But I know it’s good for me in the long run and so I’m sticking with it. I’m studying a lot and hope someday to be at least the penultimate student in this class instead of the ultimate….

I’m looking forward to this weekend, despite it kicking off with four hours of language class on Saturday morning. FML. But Saturday night holds a birthday party at a local expat bar, which should be fun. Sunday holds some sort of trip to an amusement-park like place with my host’s roommate (CJX) and her cousin, which may or may not be a big theme park called Happy Valley.

I basically live my life here one day at a time, or maybe up to three days at a time. At home I typically would fill in my dance card several days in advance with plans with friends and boys, but here there’s sort of a seize the day mentality. We are a small, tight group and we are all of each others’ only options, so if ever I want it, there’s someone I could tap to hang out with last-minute. I also have to take life one day at a time in terms of having things to look forward to, and breaking up my week into manageable bursts. If I contemplate how many days or hours of language class I have left, it’s depressing–but if I think, only two more days till the day where I have no language class (this happens twice a week), it’s doable!

Only three more weeks until we get our site placements. Only one more week till my birthday. I’m thinking of a KTV (karaoke) night, but we’ll also see how this expat bar goes, and we could always repeat again next week if it’s real fun.


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