Delicious, delicious cake

It’s kind of like I have 39 hours of birthday this year, I’ve decided–24 here, plus the 15 hours that it will still be my birthday in California. So I’m about to go to bed on my birthday, but it’s just starting at home! Weeeeird.

Today was pretty low-key: host gave me a gift at breakfast, then I had the usual routine of class. I went home at lunch to eat leftover pasta and was surprised to find a luncheon party to join of host’s mother, two aunts, uncle, and niece, all in from their hometown, twelve hours away, for just one day. Strange. So we luncheoned, I went to class, I had beers with a couple peeps, I came home to a dinner consisting of lunch + a dish of my favorite vegetable (this hollow green stalking thing, mmm). And cake! Cake = thick, thick layer of frosting, some cake, some more frosting, and topped with dried fruit and….

….fresh cherry tomato halves. Yeah. See those red things in the pic? Tomatoes are a fruit here and a common ingredient in fruit punch, etc.

In unrelated news, CJX (host’s roommate) just came in to share with me a new song she thought I might like: “Just Dance.” Mmm, thanks, all over it!


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