This is just to say

I don’t have much news that would be cause for an update, but somehow it still seems to be time for an update. It’s now been almost three months since I’ve officially been home for good. So that’s interesting.

The main activity I’ve been undertaking since returning from China has been job searching. Not the most fun, but obviously necessary, and I suppose it’s been an interesting learning experience in and of itself. Many, many cover letters and a fair number of interviews later, it’s looking like I’ve narrowed in on something and may have job in hand in the near future. Updates on that will come if/when it’s finalized.

But meanwhile, most of my time is spent in similarly leisurely pursuits as I enjoyed during the first part of my time home in August. A lot of lunching. And reading, and Interneting, and TVing, and movie-watching. There have been some mini-adventures like a couple more trips to the Bay Area, tickets to Stanford football games, and theater-going (most recently, the new musical Bring It On at the Ahmanson, meaning a new entry for my musicals spreadsheet!). Overall, a lot of relaxation.

China seems far away. And often it’s the bad that comes first to mind when I reminisce, not the good. But at the end of the day, and in this season of Thanks, I am still grateful that I had the experiences I had and that I’m happily back at home for this period of in-between time.


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